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    The Nutty Baker selected to supply QANTAS

    The Nutty Baker has been selected to supply QANTAS with the signature Amaretti Biscuits.  From September 1, 2018, the Amaretti will be available on all outbound International Business and First Class flights, exiting all airports in Australia.



    Support The Nutty Baker's Next Business Challenge

    With a deep breath, I am asking for help. This won’t be appropriate to everyone, but those of you who have been involved in the journey of The Nutty Baker over the past six years might just get it. In short, I have launched a Crowd Funding Campaign in order to help me get my business through the next critical stage - which involves getting our Amaretti on board a major Australian airline! Here’s the link to the crowd funding site, which is where you can find out all of the details.

    I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

    Thanks for reading, and for all your support so far!


    Amaretti - Out of Stock due to Seasonality of Almonds

    .. and we’ve got our first PROBLEM/CHALLENGE/HEADACHE/HEARTACHE of 2018.

    Our Amaretti, the signature biscuits which started The Nutty Baker six years ago, are just not working right now. They are dry, tight and not a patch on our usual standard.

    With a total of 7 ingredients and a method so rehearsed we can make them with our eyes closed, we’ve narrowed down the culprit to the quality of the Almonds currently available on the Australian market.

    In Australia, Almonds are annually harvested in March/April, which means we are fast approaching the end of the 2017 season.

    In our Amaretti, we use premium quality Blanched Almond Meal from AlmondCo in South Australia. Normally it slips through your fingers like sand. Right now, it feels coarse and dry.

    We have spoken to AlmondCo about the problem we are experiencing, and they agree it is likely to be linked to a slightly lower moisture content of the Almonds being ground for manufacturing right now. In turn, this is impacting the capacity of the Almond meal to absorb the wet ingredients in the recipe.

    We have tried many variations to the recipe, and the closest we’ve come is to substitute the Blanched Almond Meal with Skin On Almond Meal. The result is better but still not the best. The colour is much darker and the taste/texture - they’ve lost their “wow” effect.

    So far, this is only effecting our Amaretti recipe, not our other cakes which use Almonds. In Amaretti, the Almond Meal, Egg White and Sugar are the most important structural components. One variable out of balance, and the whole thing falls down.

    Rather than compromise quality, we have decided to bench the Amaretti until the new season South Australian Almonds arrive in April/May.

    Until then, we’ve got plenty of other options available and we will work on creating another gift boxed product perfect for you to take on the dinner party circuit.

    If nothing else, we’ve learnt even more about our products, and the importance of understanding quality, provenance and seasonality.


    Christmas 2017 - 1 Bligh St, Sydney CBD Pop Up Market Stall (pre-order online recommended)