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    Baking Lesson - Sunday 13 July


    Mothers Day 2014 + Collaboration with The Imperial Hotel, Paddington

    I have recently started working from the First Floor kitchen of The Imperial Hotel, Paddington.  From here I will continue to develop my business, supplying cafes, catering private and corporate events and of course preparing Birthday Cakes for all my clients.  In addition, I will be teaming up with The Imperial to cater some of their in house events, as well as provide some Nutty Baker specials as the occasion sees fit.  

    Which leads us to Mothers Day!  My signature Amaretti (gluten free) are on sale at the bar in gift boxes, wrapped up in a pretty bow, just $15 each.  Enjoy!




    Easter 2014


    Christmas 2013

    This year I have Christmas all wrapped up, literally - the amount of ribbons I have tied!  I will have a market stall in the lobby of No 1 Bligh Street, Sydney (corner Bent St) on Wednesday December 18 from 8am to 2.30pm.  It is open to the public, so all will be welcome to drop by.  If you can't make it on the day, you can order from me direct for deliveries prior to Christmas.  Just drop me an email on

    I will have the following on sale:

    Mulled Wine Cakes in cake tins - $45 each or two for $80

    Mini Mulled Wine Cakes (1-2 portions) - $10 

    Amaretti Gift Bags - $25 (15 Amaretti)

    Lemon Myrtle Shortbread - $25

    Lemon Curd with Lemon Myrtle Shortbread Biscuits - $15

    Assorted Jams - $8

    Hamper with Mini Mulled Wine Cake, small Amaretti Gift Bag and Jam - $35


    The Nutty Baker Mentoring Program

    I have recently partnered with Stretch A Family, a non profit Foster Care organisation based in Marrickville to provide hands on cooking classes to equip the young people with practical life skills.   

    Classes are held on a weekly basis, after which everyone sits back to feast on the
    day’s creations. Cooking is, without a doubt, one of the most important things a person will
    ever learn. It is a critical life skill and can be very therapeutic too.
    Using ingredients that are readily available at the supermarket, the young people are learning how
    to cook simple, nutritious, affordable and tasty food. This is a chance to be armed with
    sensible, practical knowledge they can take into the world and every day for the rest of
    their lives.


    I will keep you posted on how the program progresses. 

    For further information about Stretch a Family, please visit their website: