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    When you visit the shop in Vaucluse you get to see The Nutty Baker, led by Nina Siljanovic, and her team at work. It's a working bakery with a delightful shopfront. While you peruse the freshly baked cakes, slices, biscuits, pastries and breads on display, the team are simultaneously baking and decorating a delectable array in full view of their customers. It's an intimate and unique experience to watch the team at work in a friendly and aromatic environment. You simply cannot get fresher than that! 

    Nina Siljanovic

    "Yes, I feature a lot of nuts in my cakes, and yes, I have a strong knowledge relating to their provenance, seasonality and varieties.  This is one aspect of my business name.  The other element is that you've got to be a little bit nutty to throw in your comfortable Investment Banking job to chase a dream of "What if...""

    Nina leads The Nutty Baker and is the owner of the business. She describes herself as one of those "Career Change" people - from Investment Banking to Baking, creating a small business from scratch out of the premise, "I like baking, seem to be relatively good at it, and people love to eat what I make."  It was almost too obvious.  

    Nina retrained in Patisserie, started supplying one cafe with sweet treats, then another, and another... In November 2015, Nina opened the first shopfront of The Nutty Baker, in the heart of Vaucluse, a leafy suburb close to the harbour side beaches of Nielsen Park and Watsons Bay. The focus of the shop is on creating good, honest cake, with a strong emphasis on customer experience. 

    On developing her team Nina says "I see The Nutty Baker as an opportunity for me to create an environment in which people want to work, rather than simply clocking on and off their hours for the day. A workplace where creative and constructive thinking is valued."

    The Nutty Baker has been featured in BuzzFeed, Urban List, The Australian newspaper and an SBS TV series called, "Small Business Secrets." 

    Joel Potter 

    "It’s so rewarding interacting directly with the people who come in and to receive genuine feedback and in most cases, warm praise and appreciation. I also like that I get to ride my bike down New South Head Road every afternoon…”

    Joel started his working life with a brief career in exploration geology, then reinsurance. Somewhat out of the blue, Joel discovered the joys of food and cooking. He thinks it may have had its roots in watching ‘Food Safari’. Having abandoned delusions of a career in geology or as a professional cyclist and desperate to further indulge his increasing obsession with cooking, Joel  bravely ventured on yet another career tangent as a chef in a bike cafe. It was there he met Nina who supplied (and still supplies) the cafe. 

    Eventually Joel joined The Nutty Baker to spread his epicurean wings and add a savoury edge to the business. Joel says he loves the freedom to explore all his baking ideas and share them with the very receptive audience in the amazing community Nina has managed to build around her business. 


    Eve Altman

    I’ve been able to learn a lot about what goes on behind the scenes in a small business and the various ‘invisible’ elements that keep everything running smoothly. It has also been really valuable to see the creative ways ideas are transformed into products on the shelf.”

    Eve is studying Political Economic and Social Science at The University of Sydney. Of the various jobs that Eve has tried to sustain herself throughout her studies - waitressing and street fundraising - working at The Nutty Baker has by far been the most enjoyable.  

    Eve joined the team to manage the weekly administration and front of house operations for The Nutty Baker on a Friday. She can be serving customers one minute and ordering supplies the next. She keeps the production line of boxes folded and ready for use, containers of cookies full, the display window bountiful and gift packs of The Nutty Baker’s signature Amaretti ready for weekend sales. 

    Eve enjoys the strong sense of community The Nutty Baker has created which lends itself to a warm, friendly, and positive environment to work in.